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A new window will pop up that allows you to adjust volumes of Ringtone, Media, Notifications and System. Just make sure the Notification Volume is set to the highest level. Then, send a text message to your own number to see if the text notification works, if still no, then reboot your phone. If the reboot failed, try booting your device in recovery mode and wipe the cache partition but if that failed either, then backup your data and files and perform the Master Reset.

A : It looks like you are just having problems downloading the picture attached to the text message.

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In this case, make sure mobile data is enabled in your phone. If it is but the problem remained, then it must be the APN settings that have issues.

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  5. Call your provider and ask for the correct APN for your phone then ask the rep to walk you through in setting it up. I thought i maybe had too many message threads so I deleted all but 5 and am still not having any luck with my messages. So, the first thing you need to do is to delete all system cache. Follow these steps:. Before 6. Now it says text messaging is not supported via Bluetooth on this device.

    How to Read Android Text Messages on Computer?

    Marshmallow is a huge update and it brings a lot of good things to Note 5 units but if Bluetooth connectivity with your car is more important than it is, then find a technician who can root your phone and re-install the previous firmware. This is my second Note 5. The first one the finger scan quit working and my backup password would not work so I was locked out.

    They gave me a new replacement since it had only been 1 week since I purchased new one. The first phone had same issue with texting as well. So either the Note 5 is bad or I have really bad luck and have gotten 2 lemons for phones. My sister has an iPhone and does not receive a lot of my texts. This is frustrating. Is there a fix for this?

    Others may suggest troubleshooting it but for a brand new phone as expensive as it is, it should work without a hitch for the first few days. There are times when devices need to be re-provisioned to regain service and you need to call your provider for that.

    Text to speech: Samsung Galaxy Note | T-Mobile Support

    Dec 10, AM via Website. Many people hold the idea that the deleted SMS will never come back. So facing the loss of important messages, they usually have nothing to do to make up. But the fact is that you still have a chance to restore the deleted Samsung Galaxy messages if you stop loading new data into your device. It can restore deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy phones directly and rapidly with several simple steps. Furthermore, you are allowed to have a preview before conduct recovery, so you can go through all messages and choose whatever you want to get back.

    Dec 12, AM via Website. This Samsung Messages Recover y, which is absolutely the most effective tool to help users retrieve lost Samsung messages. As this software enables you to preview your lost text message conversations before restoring, you can pick out your wanted messages and recover them selectively. By the way, this Samsung Messages Recovery program will display all existing and deleted messages on your Samsung mobile phone after scanning your device. Thus, you are able to restore all messages to computer as a backup in case of losing them twice.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Message Settings

    Hi Alisawangly, Sad u faced this, I know it must be really frustrating. You can find one reliable Android data recover applicant in App market, third-party tool also can meet your demand.

    Don't worry,your messages can get back. Jan 10, AM via Website. We have written about this very topic. The article is about how to recover text messages, so should solve your problem. Mar 1, AM via Website. Sorry, forgot to mention the phone is a nexus 5 with 6. The usb cord is the original that came with the phone, plugged into the usb port in the car designated for smartphone connection.

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    Also I'm in Canada, if that matters. Senior Member. Thanks Meter : Join Date: Joined: Dec Have you checked the permissions on the android app on your phone?

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    Sounds like it doesn't have permissions to view your SMS? I also went to android auto, messenger, hangouts, Google play services, Google app, and contacts individually to make sure sms permissions were granted. I'm able to send a text from android auto, but it won't read out texts that I receive. Junior Member. Thanks Meter : 1. I went on vacation and my car sat for a while and now when I'm in Android Auto mode I can't receive and send text messages. I ask Google for the weather or to do a calculation and I get nothing.

    However, if I ask Google to dial someone whether in my contacts for not, it dials the number. Does this make any sense? There doesn't appear to be any official Android Auto support. I contact Pioneer and they told me my contacts weren't syncing with Android Auto which was strange enough when they said it, but given the fact that I don't get a reply when I ask GoogleNow for the weather means my contacts shouldn't have anything to do with it.

    Read text messages - Samsung Galaxy S II

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt. Join Date: Joined: Jan Could that be caused by some setting for language, text-to-speech? Everything else works fine, also sending messages. PS: The system language ist German Thanks Meter : 4. But only one. Not always the first one per time I connect the phone to the car. Hyundai elantra , vzw gs5.